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Cloud Kitchen
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The Core

Kloud Kitchen provides a fully-equipped state-of-the-art kitchen space to restaurants and food companies, with an aim to increase efficiency in food preparation and delivery, reduce the overheads and load on existing in-house kitchens and develop scalable and sustainable food and beverage retail formats in the country.

A Novel Concept

The booming food-delivery service arena has created a huge market for the concept of “Ghost kitchens”. The infusion of technology in the culinary and food business has led to a spiraling demand for home delivery of prepared food. While this has led to a huge growth spurt for restaurants, it has put pressure on existing restaurant kitchens. Moreover, newer culinary brands are looking at exclusive home-delivery options only. This is where the Ghost Kitchen concept comes in. A ghost kitchen is a space where food companies can avail of a common kitchen infrastructure along with other logistical support. It can be seen as a professional facility for food preparation and cooking.

On The Menu…


Plating up authentic South Indian dishes to your doorstep Bubbled Up With The Purest Form Of Love.